Seven effective ways to fight laziness

Just imagine what could you achieve if not that indolence. But everything is simple: set up an aim, detally plan your actions and go ahead – to conquer the world! But you allways face the enemy – your own laziness. It applies to me for sure.

There are seven methods to fight indolence. Let’s skip all the theory and get to practice. So, how to fight your own laziness? 1. To stop loafing you don’t have to do anything.
That’s right. I’m serious. Do nothing. Sit in the middle of room and do absolutely nothing: don’t dring, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t read, don’t listen to music, don’t think. And you will see – in less than in quarter of an hour you realy will start to do something.

2. But it’s work for just a five minutes.
Push yourself to work for five minutes. It is far too easier to press yourself to work five minutes than whole day. Five minutes you can hold everything. In the same time it’s enough to get to job. You’ll cant stop later.

3. Split work in pieces.
To get to perform big task is impossible. Split it in smaller pieces and do them little by little – it’s more easy.

4. Away with routine!
You do everything just to do nothing? Eating, dish washing, mail checking, reading news and blogs.. Of course it sidetracks attention from main tasks. Do all that stuff in your free time.

5. Start work on early morning.
People are divided into two categories – “larks” and “owls”. Owls usually loaf the whole day, having various pretexts and starts work anly at evening. Dear owls, we can work together with you both on mornings, and evenings.

6. Reward yourself.
Every work must be rewarded. Therefore it is helpful to award yourself. Did part of work – taka a cofee break, walk or just have a rest for 5 minutes. It is good habit.

7. Do not postpone work untill tomorrow.
Tomorrow – its busiest day of week because we constantly postpone our works untill tomorrow. If you want to start with a clean sheet do things right away. Tomorrow will come with some urgent work. Or you’ll change your mind. Even if it’s too late start work today. It’s a lot easier to finish something than to start anew.

Try to achieve results in your business and don’t let indolence stand in your way.

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