7 Steps for Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

7 Steps for Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

Today, if you want to reach your audience, you must be on social media. However, being on social media is not enough – without any semblance of a plan or strategy, your presence might as well be nonexistent or muted.

But how do you exactly develop a strategy to best cater to the unique behavior and characteristics of your niche? Here is a short 7-step guide to make sure you hit the ground running on your social media campaign:

  1. Define Your Goals and Objectives. Determine what are your specific social media objectives and goals and how they complement and support the overall goals of the company.
  2. Research, Research and More Research. Don’t make the mistake of simply jumping the in with a sea of competition and discerning consumers without having any clue. Research is very important as basis for execution. This will include the action plan for the 5 major social media platforms. Take time to check out what’s out there, scope the competition and understand your target audience.
  3. Prepare a Database of Contacts and Content. If you go about your social media campaign correctly, social relationships will start to develop naturally. Start establishing connections by following conversations relevant to your branding. Make a list that will identify the key influencers and power users that play important role in your industry.
  4. Join Conversations to Start Developing and Forging Relationships. Start answering questions relevant to your industry, give your opinion and join a community. This will not only help you start your network, it will also help you build your reputation as an industry expert and a thought leader.
  5. Strengthen Your Social Media Relationships. Don’t just hide behind an avatar or brand, make your presence known by attending events that encourage face-to-face interactions. This includes offline events that are relevant to your industry.
  6. Take Time to Measure Results. You have already established your goals and objectives, right? It is equally important to measure your success. Among the most common goals include:
  • Enhance brand presence across social media platforms
  • Increase traffic to company website
  • Increase positive consumer sentiment and perception towards brand
  • Develop relationships for potential partnership opportunities in the future
  1. Analyze, Adjust and Improve. Once you have measured your success and progress towards your goal, you need to analyze and identify key areas that need improvement, adapt to changing trends and improve your overall social media campaign. Remember, it is not always a straight road ahead, so you need to constantly evaluate and adjust.

Social media strategies will vary depending on your business. Still, the truth is – you should be devoted and consistent to make it successful.

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