5 critical content creation tips

5 critical content creation tips
Today I wanted to share with you 5 tips that are most important in content creation. Those tips will help you create great content and attract more readers.

1. Research!

Don’t just browse the Web – research it! Whenever you’re on internet, look for material that could help your content. If you see a blog post or article that relates to your topic, save it. When you finally sit down to write, you have much of your research already done.
Hot tipEvernote is great free tool for saving links and articles and writing your blog posts.

2. Important points first.

Start with your most important point or statement. It is opposite to writing an essay or a paper where build your way up to the conclusion at the end. On a blog post you start with most important points and then explain your conclusions and statements.

3. Have your own voice!

No matter what content you produce, it has to be in your own voice and style and should never seem like a copycat of someone else. Start out by reading and studying the styles of writers you admire. Then you use what you learn to develop your own style.

4. Write for lazy people!

Keep it simple! Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and avoid over complicated words or grammar. Make your point clearly and effectively, and leave out unnecessary words.

5. Visuals matter!

Visual impact of your content matters a great deal! Utilize relevant images, split text into readable sentences and paragraphs, highlight main points, use bullet points to better structure information, use quotes for emphasis. Those and similar techniques will increase the visual impact of your content and engagement of reader with text. Don’t overdo it, but make sure to use visual impact in all of your content.

Bonus tip: quality matters most!

Content on you website shall be superb. Whatever you write, it has to be high quality content. Also images shall be of high quality as otherwise they may scary off visitor even before he or she starts reading your article.
Don’t write something just because you need to post something. Write when you have something to say. Don’t know what to write? Use tip #1 – research.

Your tips?

Please share below in comments your most important content creation tips!
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