Halcyon Days – A Professional Webpage Template for Free

Freebie - Halcyon Days template

Looking for a professional, modern, and overall high quality template for your new website? If so – this HTML5/CSS3 template called Halcyon Days would be the perfect choice for you. Halcyon Days shows a variety of still images depicting various situations arranging from a cute puppy to a beautiful ocean. All of these come in a bright and attractive format and are made with a variety of colors some are vibrant and monochrome while others are shinny, vigorous, and diverse.

An adorable puppy apart of the “Halcyon Days” template.

Any web developer looking for a friendly and appealing template should look towards downloading Halcyon Days – it’s free to download and can be used for  a variety of things such as backgrounds in photos and video or wallpapers.

This template is available for free, but is not available to upload and/or redistribute.

Go to http://tympanus.net/codrops/2014/07/14/freebie-halcyon-days-one-page-website-template/ and scroll down to the part where it says “Download the Template for Free” and click on the link saying “Download Halcyon Days ZIP file (1.39 MB)” in order to download the template.

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