Why to use Vue JS for web app development

Web application development is something pretty common and crucial these days. No business whether it’s small or large can ignore the power of creating a strong online presence. Fortunately, to gain a competitive edge through your online presence, we have numerous tools, technologies and frameworks available. For example, Vue turns out to be one of the best Javascript frameworks to take into account. And the following post simply emphasizes why Vue should be your go-to framework especially when you are developing a web application.

JavaScript has provided a perfect ecosystem to the technology industry in recent years, made possible by popular JS frameworks like Node, Vue, React, Angular, and Ember. Of these, Vue.js is one of the most popular as it offers different functions, tools, and services. Vue.js has more than 4.4 million monthly downloads on NPM and has received around 138K stars on GitHub from the web developer community. Vue.js offers a wide range of pros and cons, such as it is quite simple to use, can be used for developing a secure single-page app and UI, can be well-integrated with third parties, and a lot more!

What is Vue.js?

Well, the phenomenal framework is pretty much in vogue since the day it was commenced. Yes,  the progressive front-end javascript is highly recommended for developing different web applications, SPA and user interfaces. We assure you that by the end of the following post, you will say why the heck not use Vue.js for the upcoming web application development project?

So now the open-source, lightweight Javascript framework comes with a wide range of optional tools and technologies that ensure the creation of a wide range of user interfaces and single-page applications. Back in 2014, Vue.js came into existence and since then there seems to be no turning back, the javascript framework is gaining momentum, every now and then. Some quick facts to consider:

  • Vue was ranked #2, especially in the context of front-end Javascript framework rankings
  • 427k to 693k websites and the numbers are still growing when it comes to Vue.js development
  • By the year 2020, Vue has ranked the third-most popular framework due to its high-speed runtime performance, virtual DOM, responsive and reusable visual components and a lot more!

In fact, it may quite interest you to know that back in 2020, it has been proved that Javascript turned out to be one of the leading or should I say most preferred technology for people across the globe. Right from creating simple-looking projects to way more advanced sophisticated apps, Javascript is used anywhere and everywhere these days. Let me show you why. Yes, further without much delay, let us focus on why more and more businesses as well as software development companies are vouching for Vue.js in comparison to other frameworks.

Top Reasons for Developing Web Applications using Vue.js

Vue development offers a wide range of benefits and advantages. For example, the Vue.js framework is lightweight and small in size, that is  20 kilobytes in size. In addition to this, here I would like to mention a wide range of benefits offered by using Vue.Js.

#1 Great Integration

One of the most crucial reasons to consider Vue.js is that it offers a seamless and great amount of integration. Here it is quite possible to customize the project as per your needs and relevant requirements. Here developing apps right from the scratch is quite possible. Now since Vue.js offers easy-to-integrate facilities, it is slowly becoming the best in regard to popularity. In fact, more and more developers are found migrating towards Vue in comparison to other popular frameworks. In addition, you can even think of using Vue CDN and begin using it. Also, did we mention that most of the third-party vue components and libraries are easily accessible and highly integrated?

So getting started with Vue.js is extremely easy. So whether you are developing a web application right from the scratch or simply willing to modify any developed application, Vue technology can get you covered pretty thoroughly.

#2 Flexibility and Scalability

Another interesting reason to choose Vue.js instead of any other Javascript framework is its high-end flexibility and scalability. In today’s times, it’s not just about developers but also different frameworks, tools and technologies that are expected to be highly flexible. In addition to this, writing and creating different templates in HTML and Javascript is more like child’s play. Not to mention running these templates on different browsers is quite possible. And this turns out to be one of the most important reasons why more and more Vue.js developers tend to work with the framework. Also, here you will find a wide range of web-pack templates, which easily reduces the amount of coding for the development project as a whole.

So yes, in today’s times it’s not just the developer who has to be flexible with his approach, the framework should also excel in regards to flexibility and scalability.

#3 Simplicity

In today’s fast-paced times, simple-looking frameworks are pretty much taken into account. And Vue.js is one of those. The overall structure of Vue.js is pretty simple and things become extremely easy for developers to understand. In addition to the overall structure of the framework, the framework’s syntax turns out to be extremely simple and assists well in writing the code. Also, here everything is pretty simple and easy to understand, the overall chances of tracking and tracing bugs turn out to be great and high. As a result, the developed application is pretty much to the point and bug-free. Apart from simplicity, here the chances of achieving high-end results are high and that too even if you do the minimal effort. So by the time you write just a few lines of code, you can end up developing an application that is way-beyond one’s expectations.

#4 User-friendly

The next reason for considering Vue.js instead of other Javascript frameworks is that it turns out to be extremely user-friendly and worth considering. You see Vue.js is one of a kind framework, especially a web application development framework that doesn’t require any difficult or steep learning curve. So if you end up hiring a web developer who is well-acquainted with HTML, Javascript and CSS, it’s more than enough. Of course, it’s great if he is also well-versed with other technologies such as Angular and React but if not, your job will be done.

In addition, vue.js comprises common editors, featuring a wide range of plugins for Chrome and Firefox. So on and all, when working on Vue.js development project, everything turns out to be pretty smooth and seamless.

#5 What Else?

So what else, well, this is not it, Vue.js offers a variety of other benefits and advantages such as:

  • It provides simpler API and design for a web developer
  • So it may quite interest you to know that developing single-page applications is pretty much possible and that too within a span of a day.
  • Here Vue comprises a wide range of integrated methods.
  • Components here can be reloaded as many times as you want. So it is possible to make potential changes
  • The Vue.js modular is pretty much responsible for creating seamless third-party integrations.
  • One shouldn’t ignore CSS extraction, hot module reloading, linting and so forth.
  • Here you will find the new Vue CLI. So whether you want to conduct Routing, Unit Testing, CSS Preprocessors, State Store, Linting, Typescript, PWA , everything is covered here by the frontend javascript.
  •  Here most of the times developers tend to use front-end router

Final Words

So this is it! Vue.js is simply incredible, and intimidating when compared to different Javascript and non-Javascript frameworks – no two-ways about it! I hope now you are convinced of the same. In case, if you need any assistance regarding Vue.js, you can look around for several reliable Vue.js development companies that can offer wonderful solutions for your business. I hope you did find the post worth reading. Please do share your valuable feedback regarding the same.

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